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ABC4All Mentors and others comment about "The ABC Theme Song"

December 15, 2009, 6:53 pm
Source: ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Profject
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From ABC4All Mentor Basistha Nepal

Honorable Gentleman,
Dr. Danet,
Hearty Salutations please
I read the song and also heard the song by Beyond Category.  
Thank you friends in the band. You have well explained the theme of ABC4All. Thank you very much. ABC4All is quite new to the world and has been focusing on how to help make A Better Community for All which can be any group, community or nation through the give-back model of “Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet” for charitable causes.  
With now the application of Vital Village including Plasma Activated Water bringing new Health Heights for everyone with clean, healing water, a safe home and a warm meal, ABC4All focuses on bringing Humanitarian relief to the world in emergent and non-emergent situations.  
Thus let us unite together and provide what is so simple - yes, as simple as A-B-C, A Better Community for All. When your community is better, so can mine be, communities that will bring prosperity within us and happiness which is a dream of every person.
And again, thank you band members Mick Donahue (vocals, voice over), Kamron Hack (vocals), David Ramani (guitar), Mario Rodriguez (guitar), Mark Fowler (bass), Karl Gore (drums). 
Basistha (Nepal)  Mentor of the Week


From ABC4All Mentor Yassir EL Ouarzadi

Hi Mr Danet !

I just listened to The ABC Theme Song, it is really wonderful. I listened to it many times !! Good job and best of luck in all your ABC4All projects in Africa, North America and elsewhere where thousands and millions of youth and adults need our HELP.
If you need our help, it would be a pleasure to collaborate with you in order to achieve common goals.  I suggest that we promote ABC4All in our 2nd MOMENTUM Magazine to be published by the end of the year. Can you send me an article about ABC4All and its future projects and also about the goals of the program and what has been already accomplished and we will make sure that it is published.
I cc'd Ilyes since he is the Co-founder of MOMENTUM.
Thanks in advance !
Yassir EL Ouarzadi
Co-founder of MOMENTUM
ABC4All Volunteer


I was impressed by the Beyond Category Band at The World March for Peace Concert.  "The ABC Theme Song" was an uplifting song!  It wasn't only hot it had meaning which is a rarity today!  Keep the FOCUS.

Rich Bella aka Mr. Focus
Director / Producer
Best Selling Co-Author & Award Winning Poet



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Burton Danet wrote: 12-12-2009 00:23:52

It was a special opportunity to get to know Rich Bella. Tour his sites and you will discover a man who is rooted in finding ways to help the world become a better place for all. Thank you Rich!

Burton Danet wrote: 12-06-2009 13:24:18

Thank you Basistha! Thank you Yassir! The Beyond Category Band will appreciate your reaction to "The ABC Theme Song," which really is so perfect in expressing where ABC4All is headed! Cordially, Burt on behalf of ALL Members of the Band!