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A Better Community For All (ABC4All) focuses on the betterment of citizenry and communities via a give-back model of conducting business in the world: “Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet.”™ Support is offered for charitable causes worldwide. ABC4AllWorldSolutions!™ provide opportunities to reach unimagined “Health Heights™.” A healthier water and application of advanced energy technologies bring the potential for humanitarian relief wherever it is needed throughout the world in emergent/non-emergent situations.

A Better Community For All (ABC4All) Portal4Relief
P. O. Box 1624 * Manhattan Beach, CA 90267-1624 * 310-712-5477 
ABC4All (at) gmail (dot) com * http://trunity.net/abc4all

The above 75-word description of ABC4All had been created a long time ago. When Attorney Charles Hack became a volunteer with ABC4All, he graciously shared our information with his daughter, Kamron Hack, Vocalist and member of the BEYOND CATEGORY Band. The result? The band has created “The ABC Song” based in part on the above information, but put into a dynamic unique Beyond Category Band presentation having its World Premiere tonight, December 2, 2009 on the occasion of this The World March for Peace and Nonviolence PEACE CONCERT celebration in Los Angeles, California at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church.

We are therefore grateful to all who made this opportunity possible!

Burton Danet / Robert Chew, Co-Founders, ABC4All.

BEYOND CATEGORY Band: Mick Donahue: Vocals, Turtle Ramani: Guitar, Mario Rodriguez: Guitar, Vocals, Mark Fowler: Bass, Vocals, Kamron Hack: Vocals

Beyond Category isn't just a band name, it's a way of living life. It's about being unique, a leader, an innovator, not a follower, not someone who can be easily defined or placed in a box. This is the philosophy by which BC creates its music. If you're asked what kind of music you like and your answer is, "Everything!", this is the band for you. The BC Crew brings an eclectic mix of funk, neo-soul, hip-hop, jazz, and reggae, and transforms it into a new type of music, Beyond Category. They hope to take their influences, which transcend time and genre, and reinvigorate popular music by reminding people that great musicianship, songwriting, and meaningful lyrics are what they've been missing for far too long. Beyond Category was formed 3 years ago, but wasn't complete until the recent addition of "The Missing Piece", vocalist Kamron Hack. The band just finished recording a 4-song EP. Catch them at LA's hottest venues: House of Blues Sunset, Viper Room, The Mint, and The Knitting Factory.


To find out more: http://1in1billion.com

Donate US$1.00 securely! Want to donate more? Go directly to PayPal and use this email address: 1in1billion (at) gmail (dot) com! Thanks for donations in any amount.  Your donation declares that you are among the 1 in 1 Billion who support ABC4All in caring for those who lack basics - water, food and shelter.

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