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 Initial Goal to Bring advanced life-saving technology for water to Haiti

where the cholera epidemic has been predicted to last 20 years.

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NOTE1:  100% of funds donated are used for GHR.  Expenses are handled by independent sources of funding.

NOTE2:  Your donation immediately qualifies you to be a Friend of A Better Community for All with support offered for your worthwhile cause:

ABC4All supports worthwhile causes and nonprofits/NGOs worldwide (more coming):



Thanks for donations in any amount.  Your donation declares that you are among the 1 in 1 Billion who support ABC4All in caring for those who lack basics - water, food and shelter.

Thank you for your support.  Every $1.00 contribution counts! (Of course, any larger donation is welcome!)




RT ABC4All bringing potable H2O where it is needed anywhere in the world. LIFE-SAVING/MATCHING DONATIONS - SAVING LIVES http://sl.abc4all.net

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