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Burton Danet
Nov 29, 2009


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Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR)


Are you 1 in the 1 Billion people who work together to make the world a better place for all?  Just like the beautiful pictures you see on this website, they can symbolize for us our common pledge to help the world become a place where it is

A Better Community For All (ABC4All) !

Let's save lives is our specialty (LSLOS)

Starting with 2 Billion

who do not have access to adequate water, food, shelter.
Are you 1 in 1 Billion?


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Haiti is included! Immediate versus Long Term Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) - http://bit.ly/6kTNHL #ireport 


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YUBUPA Extraordinaire! Last Updated on 2010-01-09 00:00:00   YUBUPA Extraordinaire!   Introduction to a PERFECT Video:   STATE OF THE WORLD: A Better Community for All (Final Frontier?)   by ABC4All Video Information Specialist (ABC4AllVIS)   First there was YUBUPA.   YUBUPA? ABC4All Mentor. Break it down. YU=Yuel. BU=Burt. PA=Pat.   OK. So what is YUBUPA? Yuel Bhatti is the one. He introduced Pat To ABC4All.     Why Yuel? Co-Founded Local ABC4All / Pakistan.   But he must have Sensed something Special when he Referred PAt to BUrt.   Yes when YUel Referred PAt To ABC4All Co-Founder BUrt, It was Pat who Birthed YUBUPA.   A special TRIO, She said, but Went on herself To Co-Found... More »
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ABC4All Mentors and others comment about "The ABC Theme Song" Last Updated on 2009-12-06 00:00:00 From ABC4All Mentor Basistha Nepal Honorable Gentleman, Dr. Danet, Hearty Salutations please   I read the song and also heard the song by Beyond Category.     Thank you friends in the band. You have well explained the theme of ABC4All. Thank you very much. ABC4All is quite new to the world and has been focusing on how to help make A Better Community for All which can be any group, community or nation through the give-back model of “Maximizing Charitable Contributions on and off the Internet” for charitable causes.     With now the application of Vital Village including Plasma Activated Water bringing new Health Heights for everyone with clean, healing water, a safe home and a warm meal, ABC4All focuses on bringing Humanitarian relief to the world in emergent and non-emergent situations.   Thus let us unite together and... More »
BEYOND CATEGORY Band Members! Last Updated on 2009-12-02 00:00:00                                                      Mick Donahue: Vocals                           Turtle Ramani:  Guitar                                                                            Mario Rodriguez: ... More »
Introducing ABC4All to the World Last Updated on 2009-11-29 00:00:00 This video has been graciously provided by an Angel Volunteer. Original Song for ABC4All, "Lend a Hand," by Ben Mackenzie More »